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Real Estate Property Managers

Areas of Expertise

Condominium Corporation Management

Our property managers are well versed in the management of condominium corporations.  Currently our condominium portfolio comprises over nine hundred [900] units and includes both residential and commercial condominium corporations.

Our full service condominium management package includes the following:

  • Financial Management: fee collection and banking, payment of expenses, preparation of monthly financial statements, preparation of annual operating fund budgets for approval by the Board of Directors and arranging for the completion of reserve fund budgets by third parties;
  • Physical Plant Management: preventive and regular maintenance, supervision of staff, tendering of and entering in to maintenance contracts, purchase of supplies, regular inspections of the property and operating the physical plant in an efficient manner; and
  • Administration Management: Enforcement of the Declaration, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations, attendance at monthly Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting of the Owners, preparation of status certificates, maintaining the register of owners, provision of a 24 hour emergency service, arranging for insurance coverage as required, attending to the individual needs of the owners, provision of secretarial assistance and the preparation of a Board planning guide.

Residential and Commercial Rental Management

Our rental management services are tailored to properly maintain the real estate assets of  our clients whilst increasing their value.

Our professional property managers are capable  of providing the following management services:

  • Leasing: Development of a marketing plan for the property taking into account the position of the property in the marketplace with a view to maximizing its rental income.  All potential clients are interviewed and credit checks are completed to ensure that they are fiscally responsible;
  • Financial Management: Rent collection and banking, payment of expenses [including mortgage payments and realty taxes], preparation of monthly financial statements and the annual operating budget for approval by the owner;
  • Physical Plant Management: Regular and preventive maintenance tailored to the maintenance strategy of the owner, supervision of staff, tendering and entering into maintenance contracts, regular inspections of the property to ensure that the goals of the property owner are being met and operating the physical plant in a cost effective and efficient manner; and
  • Administration Management: Provision of a 24 hour emergency service for the tenants, attending promptly and professionally to the various needs of the tenants and arranging for all risk insurance for the property.

Our desire is to meet the needs and goals of our property owners and feel that regular meetings with our owners is worthwhile if the owner so wishes.  We ensure that each property that we manage reaches its full potential in its position in the marketplace.